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Speakers discuss ‘water security and climate change adaptability’

The 7th International Water Conference (7IWC) on ‘Water Security and Climate Change Adaptability’ was organised by Riphah Institute of Public Policy, Riphah International University, Pakistan Council of Research and Water Resources PCRWR, and Water Aid in collaboration with Federal Flood Commission, University of Baltistan, Comsats University and Mehran University, says a press release here.

The objective of the 7IWC was to discuss Pakistan’s impending water crisis and climate change, identify gaps in policies and planning in the water and climate change sector, and work out plausible recommendations.

Chancellor Riphah International University, Hassan Muhammad Khan, Chairman PCRWR Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Country Director Water Aid Arif Jabbar Khan, and Chairman of Federal Flood Commission, Ahmad Kamal attended the inauguration ceremony and gave their remarks. In the preliminary session, guest speakers highlighted that Pakistan is at a very critical crossroads and there is a string need to manage its fast-decreasing per capita water availability, the erratic river flows, and changing water regimes due to climate change. The situation of water quality is not promising which has an enormous impact on the health and well-being of Pakistani citizens. This session was followed by 4 technical sessions including Climate Change & Maritime Security, Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF), Water Pollution & Wastewater Management, and Islamic Perspective on Climate Change.

In different sessions, it was highlighted that Water security is the emerging national security challenge for Pakistan. The water availability with respect to the burgeoning population, agriculture, and other uses of water are critical. The impact of abnormal melting of glaciers, non-availability of dams for storage of rainwater, and lack of smart means for agricultural water have to be examined with empirically validated arguments.

Title : Speakers discuss ‘water security and climate change adaptability’
Author : Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources
Type : News
Role Performer : Corporate Author
Event : International Water Conference 2022
Organizing Body : Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources
Subject : 7th International Water Conference
Publisher : The News
Publication Place : Islamabad
Date : 2022-12-30
Language : English