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President Alvi Urges Students to Avail Opportunities From Modern Knowledge Tools

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President Dr Arif Alvi on Saturday said that the doors of modern knowledge were kept ajar with abundant opportunities peeping out, giving ample encouragement for the know-how experts to embark upon a new journey of prosperity and progress.

Speaking at the 18th Convocation of Riphah International University at Jinnah Convention Centre, the president urged the students to leverage modern resources for knowledge acquisition and serve the country.

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He said that today’s world was guided by the latest revolution through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other related innovations that were contributing to human intellectual enhancement and human resource development.

Expressing concern about the 28 million out-of-school children in the country, he stressed that online and virtual modes of education should be promoted.

Referring to the global issues, particularly in Gaza, he regretted that vested interests were dominating the world. The world was crying for the equal distribution of wealth, an end to the exploitation of the poor, and widespread destruction, he added.

The president regretted that in the older world, the incidents of cruelty and carnage were known to the rest of humanity after a lapse of months, but in this modern era, the imagery from Gaza was being reported instantly, but the hearts of human beings had been hardened.

President Alvi urged students to equip themselves with modern education methods for a brighter future, expressing confidence that Pakistan could lead the world within a decade with prompt utilization of modern means of education.

The president further underscored the significance of research in various fields of life and cited the achievements of smaller countries like Estonia and the Netherlands in agriculture.

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He further added that despite its smaller size, the Netherlands is the second-largest exporter of food globally, highlighting the impact of research and effective decision-making on progress.

Reflecting on Pakistan’s family structure, rooted in compassion and forgiveness, he acknowledged its connection to religion and culture. The president congratulated Riphah University for its contributions to modern education and recognized the achievements of its students and faculty.

During the convocation, Vice Chancellor Dr. Anis Ahmed highlighted the university’s accomplishments, including a student receiving an award from Howard University for cancer research. Riphah University’s ranking in Asia, its top position in the private sector according to the HEC scorecard, and certification by the UK-based Lloyd’s Register were also acknowledged. President Alvi presented degrees to PhD students as part of the ceremony.

Title : President Alvi Urges Students to Avail Opportunities From Modern Knowledge Tools
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Event : 18th Convocation
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Date : 2023-11-18
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