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PMC is to blame for the MDCAT mess

THERE have been a lot of confusion and suspicions about the conduct and results of the medical and dental college admission test (MDCAT) held recently by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC).

Apart from the mismanagement and faulty results of the test, the PMC is making things worse by opening a new Pandora`s box every day by issuing strange statements.

A recent statement by PMC president has further complicated the situation as, according to him, 14 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) were taken out of the total marks count, and marking was done for 186 of the 200 MCQs.

Now the question is: if the total marks were 186, how did some candidates obtain more than 186 marks. According to a cautious estimate, at least 35 candidates from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have secured over 186 marks.

The PMC should reconsider the results and devise a foolproof mechanism for marking test papers. It can still regain some of its lost credibility by sharing the answer key and the paper of the respective candidates who have applied for rechecking of their papers.

The government should look into the matter and direct the PMC to resolve the complaints of students at the earliest.

Iftikhar Ali Mardan (2) T HE Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) conducted medical and dental college admission test (MDCAT) on Nov 29. A total of 121,181 students appeared in the test across the country.

Appallingly, the result was announced and uploaded twice; first, it was announced and uploaded on to the PMC website, but was taken down on the very first day to get a few absenteeism errors fixed. The next time it was uploaded, it invited even more criticism and sparked outrage as many students from Sindh claimed that their results had been changed.

Unfortunately, this has not happened for the first time. L ast year, several questions were raised on the credibility of the National Testing Service (NTS) with proofs, which also caused anger and anxiety among the students to a certain extent.

The faulty testing systems have been causing distress among students and parents who burn the proverbial candle at both ends to achieve the desired results after spending an exorbitant amount in the preparation phase.

Horrifyingly, screenshots of slips and results are doing the rounds on social media in which variance between seat numbers and the final result can be seen.It has been claimed by a large number of students that their seat numbers have been allotted to others.

I urge the authorities concerned to look into the matter, resolve the concerns of the students andretake the testin a transparent way. I also urge Education Minister Shafgat Mahmood, who said he has nothing to do with MDCAT, to try not to turn a blind eye to the grievances of students.

Fahad Rind Johi (3) THE result of medical and dental college admission test (MDCAT) 2020 has raised many questions on the ef ficiency and performance of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC).

A number of students have blamed the PMC for errors in their results. The very first concern raised by the students is that they were not provided carbon copy with the answer sheet at the examination centre, which has made it impossible for the students to calculate their marks themselves.

Second, the majority of the students are not satisfied with the marks obtained.

Another major issue raised by Sindh authorities is that the provinces are independent to conduct their own medical examinations, but the PMC curtailed their authority which is wrong and unconstitutional.

There hasbeenagreatdealof speculation that medical entrance examinations will be conducted without syllabus from the year 2021 onwards. This move will be entirely unf air. As the single national curriculum is not implemente d and all provinces have their own syllabus, it will not be possible for students to prepare from textbooks from all education boards in only three months.

I urge the education ministry and especially the PMC to ref rain from enacting such policies as they can ruin the future of bright students who may fail to achieve their dream of becoming doctors owing to PMC`s follies.

Moreover, the PMC should resolve the problems of the candidates who appeared in MDCAT, and this can be done only by a retake. But this time the respective provinces, including Azad Jammu and Kashmir, should be given full authority to conduct their own examinations.

Title : PMC is to blame for the MDCAT mess
Author : Daily Dawn
Type : News
Role Performer : Corporate author
Subject : MDCAT mess
Publisher : Daily Dawn
Publication Place : Islamabad
Date : 2021-01-01
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