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Creating Awareness of Published Material’s Importance among Students

No doubt, the online teaching method has overcome the communication gap, in the case of distance learning and recently faced the COVID-19 phase. The importance of printed material is still an important medium for fulfilling the course delivery requirements. It has been observed that the young generation has a short attention span, and tries to jump over to the next activity instead of waiting for the completion of the ongoing activity. The quick jump to the conclusion is expected mostly by the young students as observed while communicating with them. It shows the impatient behaviour by desiring to grasp a lot in a short time.
The study by Fung (2007) indicates that by the printed provided material, the course objectives were fulfilled but the use of the access devices varied considerably. A famous quote by Winston Churchill also re-emphasizes the importance of printed/published material stating “there is no such thing as public opinion, there is only published opinion”. Furthermore, other than academics, the print media also has equal importance. It is the other side of the story that nowadays, television, Twitter, Snapshot, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. have taken the ‘IN’ space due to the easily accessible and quick sources of communication. The modern digitalization era with various communication tools and sources has built a habit among youngsters to be impatient in grasping a larger number of informational pieces in a lesser time. The written researched material in academics or print media is a well-thought piece of analysis by an expert. The books are written by keeping the target audience, with aim and target. So, there is a need to enhance the importance of printed/published material among the young generation, which is observed nowadays getting low.
Print media as a written informational source has taken many forms today and is a source of effective information dissemination tool.
In regard to journalism, it is being considered as support that simplistically translates complex information to understand it with utmost transparency. Journalism is a practice that advocates for public welfare and focuses on creating information and its dissemination in a pluralistic and open manner. However, such an equilibrium is difficult in today’s society to maintain. Recently, a seminar at the Media Sciences Department of Riphah International University was organized on the ‘Print Media, its Scope & Significance’ to highlight the importance of printed material. The discussion led to the conclusion that print media has taken over an important place not only in newspapers its presence can be seen on various social platforms in written form. The print media also took a new shape which can’t be denied.
It’s a fact today, that the newspaper is economically affected and forcefully, the pages have been reduced but taken a shape of e-paper also to cover up the hindrances in conveying the information. Due to the recent price hike, the news is being circulated that Lahore Publishers have stopped printing books. But, there is an option for e-books as well. It is cost-effective and occupies less space. The economic issues are there, which are not ignorable, but the real point of discussion is to keep the focus and interest of students in accessing the printed material. There are still many ways to access it, but the motivational factor is lacking among students to overcome the changing environment. Printed/published material is believed an authentic, credible, and engaging source. It was observed that the seminar’s discussion has inspired students to realize the importance of the printed medium. It is not wrong to say that the renowned guest speakers left their impressions on youngsters to be inspired by their experiences and work in the field of journalism.
Guest speaker, Mr Tahir Khalil, Bureau Chief, Jang, Islamabad strongly believed to keep a strict check and balance on real and fake news as it is badly affected our society. There is a need to recognize the real and fake news. The young generation gets inspired quickly by digitalization, the latest technology, and by available various communication tools, but strongly suggested to learn properly between right and wrong. No doubt, it comes with experience, and there is no shortcut to it. While, Mr Talat Hussain, a journalist, and analyst were of the view that impatient behaviour among youngsters leads to quickly going to the conclusion instead of properly researched work. The printed material suggested studying for a good analytical conclusion as it is well-researched work that must have taken many turns of peer reviews.

 It was concluded that print media as a written informational source has taken many forms today and is a source of effective information dissemination tool. Furthermore, the incorporation of appropriate access structures and learning materials within the desired course will perform self-instructional and interactive deliverance sources for students.

Title : Creating Awareness of Published Material’s Importance among Students
Author : Dr Saira Asad
Type : News
Subject : Seminar on print and digital media
Publisher : Daily Times
Publication Place : Islamabad
Date : 2022-06-18
Language : English