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Pakistani Comedy: Latest Offering

Pakistani comedy: latest offering

Long march successful or not, the fun has already started. Whether Zardari bonzes or Punjab stalwarts, it is no little comedy seeing them running scared and getting hoarse in the…

Leaky Plumbing

Leaky plumbing

Finally China, the US and the Middle East agree upon one thing – censorship and punishment for Wikileaks. It’s befitting too, since all three countries are self-styled democracies of the…

Civilian Control Of Military

Civilian control of military

US President Barack Obama’s decision to fire Gen Stanley McChrystal for engaging in conduct which “undermines the civilian control of the military” has strong lessons for Pakistan, Turkey and Thailand,…

Political Monetary Policy

Political monetary policy

FISCAL policy is by definition political; it is made by politicians. In contrast, monetary policy is kept away from political rulers in all functioning democracies.

Through The Glass Ceiling

Through the glass ceiling

How much anger do you need to smash a glass ceiling? A glass ceiling became the symbol of discrimination during the struggle for women’s rights in western democracies. By the…

Indifference To War

Indifference to war

Even confirmed democracies recognise wars as a phenomenon that upsets the schedule of events. There was no election in Britain for 10 long years (1935-45). A general election was held…

Our Weakest Link

Our weakest link

While we continue to vie for representative democratic governance, the institution meant to be the repository and emblem of democracy is turning out to be our weakest link. In most…

Owning Our Institutions

Owning our institutions

There is a time to criticise the government. And then there is a time to stand firmly behind it. This principle is well-entrenched in most long-standing democracies but is something…

A Deadly Symbiosis

A deadly symbiosis

With corruption rife in the upper echelons of the hierarchy in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, the so-called “democracies” existing therein are counterproductive to the war effort against the Taliban who…

Visiting Bangladesh

Visiting Bangladesh

Shrugging off its traditional reliance for foreign-exchange earnings on jute goods and tea, Bangladesh has economically made giant strides, with home remittances and garment manufacturing giving momentum to a whole…