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The Anatomy Of Advocacy

The anatomy of advocacy

One member of the audience raised the point that the exhibition and discussion should have been held in Nasirabad. This is a district in Balochistan where some women were allegedly…

Anatomy Of Violence

Anatomy of violence

The last quarter of 2009 unleashed a series of bomb attacks across the country, from the Frontier’s Bara to the attack on Karachi’s main Ashura procession. These attacks totaled over…

Anatomy Of The Crisis

Anatomy of the crisis

THE roots of quite a few political upheavals can be traced to a small, often silly, mistake or mischief in drafting legislation. The crisis that brought Pakistan to the brink…

Vaccinators targeted

Recently we read with great pain that extremists in Pakistan killed several women who were active in administering anti-polio drops to children. Many feel that one of the reasons behind…

Population Denominator

Population denominator

July 11, World Population Day, holds special significance for Pakistan, the sixth-most populous country in the world. In a country where food, water, energy, education, healthcare, social welfare, and job…

Anatomy Of Neo-colonialism

Anatomy of neo-colonialism

The day I arrived in Lahore, it seemed that the greatest event in the world was the quarter final between Pakistan and the West Indies. Bombs were raining down from…



All eyes this week have been on the messages emanating from the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Italy

Anatomy Of An Impasse

Anatomy of an impasse

By the time this column is published the impasse faced by the three major institutions in Pakistan may have been cracked opened, but the blind alley would not become a…

NATO Under Siege

NATO under siege

The furore in the Muslim world over the vicious trailer of the Innocence of Muslims, leading to the death of the US ambassador and three other US embassy officials in…

Political Anatomy Of A Religious Protest

Political anatomy of a religious protest

Last Saturday, when the title ‘Majlis-e-Wahdat-ul-Muslimeen Pakistan’ (MWM) meant precious little to many of us undiscerning followers of news, an advertisement appeared in certain sections of the press. The “open…