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From Astana To Amritsar

From Astana to Amritsar

On April 26, Kazakhstan hosted the third Ministerial Conference of neighbours and ‘near-neighbours’ of Afghanistan (somewhat awkwardly designated as the ‘Heart of Asia’ countries) within the framework of the so-called…

Afghan War: End Or Beginning?

Afghan war: end or beginning?

Fast-track efforts are on for the resolution of the conflict that has ravaged Afghanistan for the last so many years. Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai, the US Secretary of State, John…

Murder Of A Tamil Child

Murder of a Tamil child

India has failed to fashion a coherent, balanced and self-confident response to its turbulent neighbourhood. Leave aside Pakistan, India’s policy towards Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar and Nepal looks confused,…

The Strategic Agenda

The strategic agenda

The present flows from the past, and the future will emerge from the present. Syria’s sectarian war: The headline issue today and in the near future is likely to be…

Somalia: Peace Prospects

Somalia: peace prospects

After 20 years of sliding backwards, Somalia has taken a step in the right direction. Together with international efforts and adoption of a new federal constitution by the 825-member Assembly…

Pak-US Ties In 2012

Pak-US ties in 2012

A series of crises in 2011 set the tone for US-Pakistan interaction in 2012; these included Raymond Davis’ shooting of two Pakistanis and Bin Laden’s killing. However, it was the…

Going Around In Circles

Going around in circles

Given the state of the writ of the state in Pakistan, finding civil servants with happy faces is a rarity these days. But lately I have found plenty of them.