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The Media’s Crisis Of Conscience

The media’s crisis of conscience

In some ways, the Axact scandal has intimations of a classical tragedy. A powerful individual has fallen because of his own monumental failings in circumstances with which he cannot deal.…

Building Social Capital

Building social capital

The Framework for Economic Growth (FEG) that was approved by the National Economic Council in 2011-12 was never seriously pursued by the bureaucracy and has since fallen into disuse (never…

No Science Culture

No science culture

Pakistan’s first Nobel Laureate, Prof Abdus Salam, constantly lamented our failure to promote science. His contributions to theoretical physics apart, he was a powerful advocate of science and research. For…

Crafting Economic And Social Transformation

Crafting economic and social transformation

The manifestoes of the political parties - all political parties have listed most of the transformations that they will bring about if they came to power. Most of the political…

Who Should Provide Social Services?

Who should provide social services?

IT is remarkable that the governments of Pakistan and India have not been able to ensure essential social services for their citizens public health and education are in shambles. As…

Political and social matters

At the moment our country is witnessing a bloodbath, and when the rulers are questioned as to why this is happening and why they don’t do anything to stop it,…



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Wiley Online Library

Wiley Online Library

Wiley-Interscience is an STM (Science, technology, and Medicine) and SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) publisher. Introduced in 1997, Wiley InterScience…



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