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White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes

The National Accountability Bureau Ordinance (NABO) under Section 5 describes a "public office holder' as an individual holding, or have held, an office or post in the service of Pakistan…

Sex Crimes – Dare We Compare?

Sex crimes – dare we compare?

Any effort at a comparative analysis between postcolonial and post-Partition progress in India and Pakistan provokes a disproportionately defensive reaction. This is not the usual practice of just Pakistani conservatives…

Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes against humanity

The recent death of former Israeli leader Ariel Sharon went unlamented in most of the Middle East and was greeted with approval on two main counts: first on the humanitarian…

War Crimes In Sri Lanka

War crimes in Sri Lanka

There are signs that the international community is gearing up for action to hold Sri Lanka accountable for alleged war crimes committed by its forces at the end of the…

Crimes And Punishment

Crimes and punishment

THE new government has immense challenges to meet. The most formidable of these myriad tasks is combating terrorism, which the president and the prime minister say is their administration’s top…

Unforgivable Crimes

Unforgivable crimes

There are some crimes that even the most kind-hearted pacifist would agree call for exemplary punishment. These include rape, child molestation, kidnapping of girls, kidnapping for ransom and murder of…

White Collar Crimes And Laws

White collar crimes and laws

The following are the main causes of corruption in Pakistan, especially in the people of higher strata holding public office. (White -collar crime