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Thar Coal: Reality & Myth

Thar coal: reality & myth

At a distance of 410-km from Karachi in the Tharparkar District of Sindh and in the wilderness of Thar desert is located the Thar coalfield, the coal deposits of which…

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Learning From The Turks

Learning from the Turks

In this age of armed conflicts and global terrorism, threats and insecurity, perhaps there is one country where you land with a dark green passport and you are treated with…

An Arab Spring In Turkey?

An Arab spring in Turkey?

This time last year we finally had our dream of visiting Turkey fulfilled. We spent a rare, serene week in Istanbul or Constantinople as it was once known. Our hotel…

Turkey’s Erdogan Decade

Turkey’s Erdogan decade

Not long ago, Turkey was a security state where the establishment controlled policy through a shadow government. A clandestine network of military officers and their civilian proxies exercised utmost ‘legitimacy’…