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India’s Free-market Mantra

India’s free-market mantra

The legislature, the executive, the judiciary and the media are described as the four pillars of India’s fabled democracy. The question is: Has Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s drive for a…

Let Justice And Baptism Of Fire Begin

Let justice and baptism of fire begin

A lot is being made of the so-called ‘restraint’ shown by the apex judiciary in dealing with the high profile NICL and Haj scam investigation cases. A respected daily lauded…

Prospects Of Martial Law

Prospects of martial law

Many think that a number of factors leave no chance for military rule in Pakistan, including a free judiciary and media in Pakistan and an elected government. No doubt, the…

Politics As A Vocation?

Politics as a vocation?

ime in regularly too, while the ‘respectable’ institutions of the state — the military and judiciary — never tire of remind

Clouds In The Silver Lining

Clouds in the silver lining

WITH the historic restoration of all deposed judges, Pakistan has moved towards a stronger judiciary, stronger civil society and a stronger media. The valiant role played by the bar is…



Something had to be done! The Judiciary under CJP Chaudhry was giving sleepless nights to lots of people. There was the Contempt case which had already resulted in a symbolic…

Flaws In The Judgment

Flaws in the judgment

The Supreme Court (SC) has spoken and the nation must bow its head. The chief justice has asked members of the bar to pray for the judiciary. This too must…

As The ‘tsunami’ Weakens

As the ‘tsunami’ weakens

No one quite knows what to make of what Gen Kayani said the other day. Not even whether it was meant as advice or warning; and whether it was exclusively…

How Did They Triumph?

How did they triumph?

THE movement for the restoration of the judiciary makes Pakistani civil society proud of its achievement. It is awesome how ordinary professionals struggled for two years to ensure that a…