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Nuclear Weapons Competition

Nuclear weapons competition

Every state possessing nuclear weapons has difficulty answering the question, ‘How much is enough?’ It’s natural to think that more weapons will result in more security because nuclear weapons are so fearsome and because it’s hard to know what hand the competition is holding.

Hankering After A Phantom

Hankering after a phantom

Politicians distort history as much as religious extremists distort the teachings of Islam. Imran Khan has vowed that he will establish an Islamic welfare state if he is voted to…

Start Of The Victory March?

Start of the victory march?

It seems more and more apparent that the Taliban are now winning. There is evidence of this everywhere; the distant sound of triumphant bugles – or whatever instruments the extremist…

Taliban Problem

Taliban problem

The Taliban attack on the child activist Malala Yousufzai and her two school fellows has reopened an old debate dominated by two strands of opinion on how to deal with…

Dealing With Extremism

Dealing with extremism

Due to their absolute and brutal intolerance of dissenting views and modernity, Islamic extremists have succeeded in presenting Islam as the most barbaric way of life ever. Unfortunately, their influence…

On Extremism

On extremism

The majority of Pakistanis are not going to vote extremists to power. Even moderate religious parties have never received more than 10 percent vote in the past. The Pakistan movement…

The Pakhtun Disconnect

The Pakhtun disconnect

Barely a week ago, a young girl was brutally attacked by extremists, but her name was not Malala Yousafzai. This nameless victim was an 11-year-old who had acid thrown on…

‘You Are Free To Go To Your Temples’

‘You are free to go to your temples’

Let me reproduce an excerpt from what The Economist had to say about religious vandalism in a recent issue titled “Extremist Islamists are threatening Mali-and an ancient African heritage”:“Legend held…