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Internal Struggle

Internal struggle

The perils of morbidity and mortality posed by depression cannot be disregarded. According to Freud, depression is an exhibit of anger, fear or loss that causes one to adopt ‘learned…

Create A Scientist

Create a scientist

What is science? It is the systematic study of universal phenomena with the intent to find the truth. One wonders, then, what it takes to be a scientist, and that…

Herd Mentality In Politics

Herd mentality in politics

HUMANS are smart enough to make it to Pluto. But that’s only if we use our brains well. At the instinctual level nature condemns our species to conformity and uniformity.…



Capital suggestion In November 2013, General Raheel Sharif became the 15th chief of army staff. In November 2013, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar announced that the former president Pervez Musharraf would…

In Pursuit Of Happiness

In pursuit of happiness

“There is now a rising worldwide demand that policy be more closely aligned with what really matters to people, as they themselves characterise their well-being”, said Professor Jeffrey D Sachs…

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