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Saving Lahore…uphill Task

Saving Lahore…uphill task

A bunch of starry-eyed do-gooders, under the banner of the Lahore Bachao Tehreek, are trying to raise their voice against the further expansion of the Canal Road. Over the years,…

Changing Face Of A Holy City

Changing face of a holy city

The wall they were building crushed them when it fell. On Wednesday, Sept 10, six construction workers reported to be of Pakistani and Indian origin were killed under the 15-metre…

Rich, Poor & Terror

Rich, poor & terror

On any given night in Karachi, the sound of gunfire booms through the darkness. It is a familiar sound whose regularity lulls the city’s restless children to sleep. Gunfire accompanies…

Viewpoint: Tax Evading MNAs And MPAs

Viewpoint: Tax evading MNAs and MPAs

A press report points out what we have always known: that our rich and powerful do not pay their dues to the State. Nearly half, ie, 47 percent, of the…

Islands Of Affluence

Islands of affluence

‘Democracy is the best revenge’ having run its full course, other ‘avatars’ are about to descend over the hills of Islamabad. The populace awaits less than eagerly the rerun of…

Xmas and the city

Only a Russian deputy foreign minister could insult with such diplomatic finesse, and leave no bruises. `You send delegations from Pakistan every few months to us. From your National Defence…

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