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What to Do If Your University is closed Due to the Coronavirus. Information Services Department is providing you the online access of most of the library resources.

Effective use of mobile in social media

Why is social media so important? More people are using social media through their mobile phones, computers, and tablets than talking, calling, emailing and texting. Do you find this surprising?…

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During this difficult time, Information Services Department wants to make things easier for students and faculty with helpful information


Welcome To Information Services Department Information Services Department is providing marvelous services to the academia and students of Riphah International University.  More than Thirty library and Information professionals at ten…

Stronger Response Needed

Stronger response needed

The killing of army officers in the terrorist attack in Upper Dir was condemned in the most apt terms by someone who failed to curtail militancy during his stint as…

Nawaz’s Afghan Expertise

Nawaz’s Afghan expertise

After the PML-N’s convincing victory in the May 11 elections, the party’s spirited foreign policy expert disclosed to a correspondent that the incoming government would review all agreements with Washington…

A Nuclear Warning From India

A nuclear warning from India

In a wide-ranging speech on India’s nuclear weapons’ programme and the country’s nuclear doctrine, Shyam Saran, chairman of India’s National Security Advisory Board, declared in New Delhi on April 24…

Genetically Intoxicated In Agriculture

Genetically intoxicated in agriculture

Pakistan first started its biogenetics institute at Faisalabad in 1983 as National Institute of Biogenetic Engineering (NIBGE). I was there in the Planning Commission and I was told that to…

Simple Perhaps, Scary Definitely

Simple perhaps, scary definitely

Military men are the worst. They’ll throw a book’s worth of acronyms and abbreviations at you faster than you can say ABC. Want to talk the mechanics of war with…

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