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Critical Choices

Critical choices

“Israel, India and agencies are playing games in Pakistan. They want to capture this country and its nuclear assets”. I was given this piece of news by a few knowledgeable…

Crumbling Finances

Crumbling finances

Several economists, the State Bank of Pakistan and the IMF have been sounding a warning for quite some time about the deteriorating situation of public finances and its implications for…

Overseas Investors’ Interest In Farming

Overseas investors’ interest in farming

London equities fell midway through last week, with fresh falls for leisure and retail stocks as the pace of growing concern about the outlook for the UK economy deepened.

Where Government Continues To Get It Wrong?

Where government continues to get it wrong?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) supported reforms as an integral component of the Stand-by Arrangement (SBA) were considered to be a blueprint by donors to Pakistan (bilateral as well as…

What Did Mujib Want?

What did Mujib want?

During a parliamentary debate, Aitzaz Ahsan once chided his friend, late Sher Afghan Niazi about December being a difficult month for the Niazis of Mianwali. The remark, quite possibly, might…

Grasping The Nettle

Grasping the nettle

Familar trends have tied Pakistan’s economy into a low-growth continuum. To engineer a change, the government will have to first show its policy hand and then progressively demonstrate the capacity…