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Syria, the West and Pakistan

Part – II

Random thoughts

The population of the Muslim world is about 1.6 billion. If the present trend of population growth continues, there will be about 2.5 billion Muslims by 2050.

The Muslim world consists of 57 countries which cover an area of about 20 million square kilometres.

Some of these countries have vast reserves of oil, gas and minerals. They also have huge markets and occupy strategic central positions in the world. However, despite all this, the Muslim countries have no importance in world politics. Whether it is Kashmir, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or Yemen, all these countries are suffering from wars, sabotage and suicide attacks. Thousands of innocent citizens have lost their lives – and are continuing to do so – in suicide attacks and bombardment by Western countries. At the moment, they are bombing Syria and entire cities have been reduced to rubble.

Is it not tragic that while the Syrians are facing hell on earth, other Muslim countries are not only looking the other way and even supporting the West? Muslims seem to be completely ignorant of the prayers of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), who said: “O Almighty Allah, please shower Your blessings on Syria and Yemen”. The companions then asked the Holy Prophet (pbuh) to also include Najd in his prayers. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) then again prayed for Syria and Yemen. When the companions requested a prayer for the third time, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said that there would be earthquakes and fighting and the horn of the devil will appear. However, he said, there was good news for Syria as Almighty Allah had sent angels to provide shade and cover to Syria by spreading their wings to protect them.

On another occasion the Holy Prophet (pbuh) described Syria as the “centre of truth”. “One group of my followers will always follow the edicts of Allah,” he said. “Their opponents will not be able to harm them and they will be steadfast until doomsday”. Hazrat Maaz (RA) said that the people referred to would be in Syria (Bukhari, 3641). The Holy Prophet (pbuh) also said: “The situation will soon deteriorate very much. Many armies will be formed. One army will be in Syria, one in Iraq and one in Yemen”.

When Ibn Hawaleh asked him what to do if he were alive at that time, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) answered that he must choose Syria because that is a land loved by the Almighty and He chooses His favourites to live there. “If you are unable to settle in Syria,” he said, “then go to Yemen and supply potable water to the people because the Almighty has, for my sake, taken the responsibility of feeding and looking after the people of Syria and of the country” (Masnad Ahmad, 17005). “Doomsday will not happen,” the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: “until the best people of Iraq move to Syria and the worst people of Syria move to Iraq. Syria is a land of destruction” (Masnad Bazar, 3965).

In light of these sayings, Syria is sacred for Muslims as the Almighty designated it as a sacred place. Therefore, it is the duty of Muslims all over the world to look after the people of Syria and provide them with food and clothing.

Many Syrians have been wounded in heavy bombardments by planes and long-range artillery. These poor people – young, old, infants, woman alike – are all forced to spend their days and nights out in the bitter cold with no shelter or roof over their heads. Even now, these indiscriminate, barbaric bombings are continuing unabated. This amounts to war crimes as unarmed civilians are being killed.

The Gulf Wars, 9/11, aggression against Iraq, the bombardment of Afghanistan, the revolt in Libya, the murder of Qaddafi, the plot in Egypt to remove Morsi, the war in Syria, Shia-Sunni conflicts, the Kurdish anti-state action in Turkey and the attempted coup in Turkey are all orchestrated plots. The fighting has forced six million Syrians to leave their homes, property, crops and cattle. They are living as refugees in camps under deplorable conditions. The situation looks grim because no Western countries are willing to help them while the rich Muslim nations have not been forthcoming and are looking the other way.

Fortunately, there are a few welfare organisations run by kind-hearted people who are doing excellent work in helping these war-affected people.Turkey’s President Recep Tayyab Erdogan has accepted more than two million refugees, while Kuwait accepted 120,000 and Iraq about 250,000. So far, Turkey has been the most welcoming place for them to be. NGOs and other organisation in Pakistan have been active in offering assistance to refugees and providing them food and clothing.

Saylani International Welfare Trust officials went to Turkey at the request of the AFAD, the Turkish coordinators who provide aid to refugees. They have visited Istanbul, Ankara and other camp sites where Syrian refugees have been relocated and have asked them about their problems and requirements. While some of the problems were sorted out on the spot, other problems were identified. The major problem was to provide assistance to those in need.

The delegation managed to help 2,000 refugee families with food and clothing. The Saylani International Welfare Trust is working on a programme to offer subsistence on a monthly, regular basis and to provide education facilities. Their president, Maulana Muhammad Bashir Qadri, along with Turkish officials, is organising a help supply line. He is currently in Syria and phoned me two days ago to tell me of the kind of help he is trying to organise.

I sincerely request all well-to-do Pakistanis to come forward and do what they can to help the people of Syria. They desperately need our help. Please join hands with Saylani International Welfare Trust and enable them to carry out their humanitarian work in Syria. Thank you.


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Dr A Q Khan, "Syria, the West and Pakistan," The News. 2017-05-15.
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