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Spotlight: ECP in focus for the wrong reasons!: Imran’s party: of ‘hit list’ and intra elections!

The honest but insuppressible captain is at it again! His latest broadside declares for all who care to know that his targets were PMLN and PMLQ and not MQM. Altaf Bhai (at one time the Captain’s focused target) would be happy to hear that and so would Sub-Par-Bhari Zardari in his new 500-Kanal (phew!) residence in Lahore! I recall that in a Computer Organisation I worked for several years ago, one of the functionaries, a Programmer, was characterised as one who created his own problems!

OF CAPTAIN’S “TARGET PRACTICE” To a certain degree the same can be said about Insaf’s chief. He tends to hit out and provoke other political parties and leaders (especially Nawaz) and in return gets a full dose of the same medicine forcing his spokespersons to constantly defend the party in Channel discussions and in print Media rather than focus on the powerful PTI message. If Imran were to talk more about what he wants to do and how he wants to do it, his cause would be much better served and the weaknesses of his political opponents would be automatically exposed by default on their part. Let him say instead that his targets are corruption, illiteracy, hunger, inequality, injustice and let him elaborate on how he hopes to eliminate them. He would get much more positive attention than his current tirades and at the same time avoid being as much of a focus of attacks as he is now.

THE INTRAPARTY ELECTIONS Secretary General Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Arif Alvi was sore in a TV discussion that brawls taking place at some of the elections in the party are given more coverage by the Media and figure more prominently in “talkathons” and in news on TV screens than scores of similar elections in the party that pass of peacefully. No wonder Alvi is sore! PTI has undertaken an intra-party election exercise which is unique in the country’s history and must be appreciated by all as a step in the right direction and an example for other parties to follow instead of picking on some of the hiccoughs occurring in the process.

JI’S INTERESTING CASE Almost in all other parties except Jamaat-i-Islami filling party positions through nomination by the Chief’s order is the norm. Elections if they at all take place are an eye wash. JI, by the way, has a unique system under which if a candidate projects himself for a party position, let alone campaign for his candidature, he would be considered disqualified as a self seeking person. The Shoora selects two or more candidates and then members of the Jamaat elect one by secret ballot. This causes no heart burning and those not elected follow the elected leader without question and often with a sense of relief. But that comes from dedication to a cause valued much above self.

GREAT ACHIEVEMENT PTI therefore should likewise consider developing a political ideology and training its leaders and activists at all levels to absorb the essence of that ideology and work selflessly towards achieving its goals and objectives, placing them above self. Despite the hiccoughs, the intra party elections when completed would be a great achievement. One must consider the fact that PTI has suddenly become a big party and all kinds of people especially ambitious young men have been attracted to it by their admiration of its leader and his promise to bring about a radical change in the country’s politics through induction into it of an honest and upright leadership whose past is not tainted by wrongdoing. In time, things will settle down positively for the party if Imran acts wisely and without display of too much self-righteous emotionalism.

PPP STRATEGY IN SINDH President Zardari’s party now sees itself off the hook in Sindh with the SPGLO 2012 hot potato dropped in a hurry as soon as MQM parted ways with it (this last seen by most as part of a game plan). PPP can now go to Sindh Rural with the message: “See, we dropped the LG system you were so dead against and restored the system you all wanted. Stay with the party you have all voted for till now and do not hitch your wagon to those who cannot deliver. We are your party and always have been”.

A DIFFERENT TUNE To MQM a different tune will be sung by PPP but that will be a quiet song audible to MQM only: “Let us get on for now with the formation of an interim government to our joint liking and not get side-tracked by other matters. We know you have not liked our dropping the SPLGA 2012 which we had cobbled together after years of back-and-forth. But bear with us, your long-standing partners through the thick and thin. Once we are through with the elections and won handily, we in Sindh and you in Karachi with each other’s help, there will be enough time and space for us to sit together and reopen the LG issue so as to remove your reservations”.

After these lines had been written late on Saturday, TV screens broke the news of PPP and MQM already beginning to mend fences following the visit of our Security Chief to meet the MQM Supremo in London.

TALKING TO TALIBAN This is the talk of the town. A jirga, already convened as a follow up of the All-Party Conference cobbled together by the wily JUIF Chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman is to talk to the Taliban. For those who tend to lump all kinds of people under the Taliban catchall misnomer, the moment of truth is nigh. In the projected dialogue how would TTP justify attacks (including suicide attacks) which kill innocent uninvolved men, women and children and not just those targeted? How would those in authority justify their tacit support of Drone attacks on the one hand and letting runaway sexually promiscuous programs and ads on the Media freely allowed to encourage and spread licentious and immoral behaviour especially among the young impressionable viewers, on the other.

“CELEBRATING” CORRUPT “DONKEY” YEARS Newspaper report: The Sindh government plans to celebrate the last days of Sindh Assembly’s current tenure as a “month of celebrations” planned to begin yesterday (4 March). Speaker Khuhro reportedly said there was no harm in celebrating a “small happiness”. True! Why not forget for a while (if possible for all time) the flood of murders, terror strikes, extortion, corruption and assorted ills which made life miserable for the people of the province especially its Metropolis over the last five years being celebrated.

RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL Pervez Musharraf has at a press conference in Dubai declared his intention (“It is now or never”) to return to Pakistan within a week of the establishment of interim set-up. Well, seeing is believing! However, memories of Pakistanis handed over to America (to be tortured) against money received and of Lal Masjid Martyrs will surely haunt him here and remind all about his despicable role in these and many other matters.

ECP’S KNOCK KNEES The Supreme Court has now joined several political parties in declaring that ECP is not coming up to expectations at least some had of it. SC is particularly incensed at ECP’s dragging its feet on the Delimitation of Karachi constituencies despite clear SC orders. It will be recalled that within a week of a unanimous decision by the ECP to act in the matter, Fakhru Bhai had come up with his “personal” view that delimitation was not feasible. This has now become the ECP view, it seems. Voters List correction in Karachi is another cause of dissent by several political parties. On fake degrees as well, powerful culprits have allegedly brow-beaten a compliant CEC into letting them off the hook! In the context of pre poll rigging, the government has reportedly diverted more than Rs 5 billion during the last two days from ongoing projects to the Prime Minister’s discretionary fund, according a to BR report despite a ban by ECP. Would Fakhru Bhai take notice?


Wajid Naeemuddin, "Spotlight: ECP in focus for the wrong reasons!: Imran’s party: of ‘hit list’ and intra elections!," Business recorder. 2013-03-05.
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