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Partly Facetious: ‘Maulvi’ Nawaz Sharif!

“The juxtaposition of Mian Nawaz Sharif and the maulvis leads to chaos.”

“Juxtaposition? Really!”

“Well, it means combination and if your English language proficiency…”

“It’s a tad difficult word and in this age of Whatsapp and twitter where words used are simple and if a word has too many letters then it is not spelled out entirely, and you use this word with 13 letters. Besides since when did you get to be a Zardi? Don’t look puzzled didn’t Zardari sahib refer to Nawaz Sharif as maulvi Nawaz Sharif!”

“Right, that’s true, but 13 is considered an unlucky number and on Wednesday were the Islamabad residents unlucky!? I miss the days of Chaudhry Nisar where the traffic plan during a VVIP movement, and stop! I don’t care who you regard as a VVIP the fact remains that Nawaz Sharif, Daughter and son-in-law are regarded as VVIPs by the Abbasi government and…”

“I propose an amendment to the protocol rules…please at least hear me out….I propose that if a car has a VVIP presence that is over 60 percent of those in the car then and only then should the car be declared a VVIP car and accorded due protocol.”

“Well, even if your definition is applied then there were three VVIPs in the car and a non-VVIP namely the driver…”

“Since when did the retired Captain Safdar become a VVIP?”

“Since Maryam Nawaz put in an application to be her father’s political heir and as I noted yesterday, these first spouses are natural inheritors in the event of an untimely demise and…”

“Don’t be facetious. Anyway, when I referred to the juxtaposition of Nawaz Sharif and the maulvis I was referring to yet another maulvi protest in the city which has not been dealt with by Ahsan Iqbal and I would urge him to focus on resolving their issues or, failing that, to ensure that they do not disrupt the Blue Area where the business of government is conducted…”

“Not likely!! You know Iqbal, he is a visionary who simply cannot look at a time less than 10 years, preferably 15 and…”

“Don’t be facetious, the guy seems to be engaged in Khan bashing, and establishment bashing and…”

“Didn’t anyone tell him that the consensus in the party is not to take on powerful institutions anymore and…”

“As I said he is focused on the future…”

“Dear, dear me!”

Anjum Ibrahim, "Partly Facetious: ‘Maulvi’ Nawaz Sharif!," Business Recorder. 2017-11-09.
Keywords: Political , Political science , Political parties , Political issues , Political affair , Political rights , Nawaz Sharif , Captain Safdar , Maryam Nawaz , VVIP