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Important events

Random thoughts

Some important events have taken place over the past few days on which I would like to comment. Some of these have direct relevance to our lives and some are just to please those concerned.

We all read in the papers that North Korea detonated a hydrogen (thermo-nuclear) bomb. Just in order to please our ‘masters’, we also recorded our protest and concern, totally ignoring the fact that, for almost 50 years, they have been our reliable friend and have always stood by us during difficult times.

They supplied us conventional weapons of very good quality and they were extremely helpful to us in the development of our missile programme. Most of their scientist and engineers have received their higher education in Russia and are very intelligent and competent. Unfortunately, financial constraints (lack of usable land and unjust sanctions by the West) have hurt her economy. An approach based on the Chinese model (a more liberal policy) would have been, and would still be, beneficial to them.

I found the comments made by our government on this test uncalled for and unjustified. Their nuclear tests in no way affect us and nobody would dare play games with them – not now and not in the future. Contrast that to the treatment we have seen meted out to Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Iran (but they now buckled down).

All non-nuclear countries are being denied progress and development in the civilian use of nuclear technologies while the rich West reaps the benefits. The Western countries (and India) had the same in mind for Pakistan, but thanks to Bhutto’s vision and our hard work and achievements, we can breathe easy. The North Koreans had exploded a plutonium bomb about 25 years ago and it was not difficult for them to make an H-bomb. Their engineers and scientists are very competent. Had our leaders so desired, we could have easily done the same.

I had requested Musharraf for $50 million to put a satellite into space, which could have been used for intercontinental ballistic missiles, but my request was refused. This latest test by the North Koreans is a slap in the face of all those who were accusing us of helping them. It is very unfortunate that the two Koreas have been artificially divided. A united Korea (the North with defence capabilities and the South with industrial capabilities) could be a world power to be reckoned with. Considering everything, I feel it was in bad taste, and not our business, to pass negative comments on their great achievement.

The second event is the sad tension between our friends, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The West has already managed to turn Iran into a toothless and clawless tiger. Before that they had succeeded in creating war between Iraq and Iran, resulting in terrible devastation to both countries, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the destruction of their economies.

Still not satisfied, Bush, Blair and Co fabricated false, unfounded reasons for destroying Iraq even further and killing hundreds of thousands more people. Afterwards they blamed wrong intelligence reports, but no action was taken against those intelligence chiefs who supposedly issued those wrong reports. On the contrary, they were rewarded.

The same tragic and bloody story is happening in Afghanistan. The West cultivated and trained the Taliban to fight the Russians and, after achieving this goal, they butchered the Taliban, thus sending parts of the country back into the Stone Age, thanks to local collaborators.

Slowly but surely all those Islamic countries which could possibly pose a threat to Israel have been reduced to non-entities. The remaining countries are under the illusion that nothing will happen to them. But Allah’s edicts are never wrong. They may get some respite, but the end result will be no different. When Morsi became president, the West and Israel perceived some danger and he was made an example of things foretold by Sisi, even though Egypt was totally toothless and docile. The attempts to destroy Syria are also part of the same game – remove any inconvenience/threat to Israel. Hezbollah in Lebanon receives help from Iran via Syria. The West (and Israel) would like to see Syria reduced to yet another non-entity.

Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc were all relatively well-off and peaceful countries. What are they now? Nothing of this sort has happened to any Western country or Israel. The Western countries have actively helped Israel in its illegal activities and occupation of the West Bank and Golan Heights. The US, French and British leaders merely hand out a ‘soother’ – they never try to alleviate the miseries of the suppressed Palestinians.

The enemies of the Ummah are hell-bent on creating a rift and war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. There will be no winner in such a war. The Ummah will be the loser and both countries will be set back by decades. While Muslims kill Muslims, they will invoke the wrath of Allah. We have not, even till today, been able to compensate for the losses suffered in the wars of Jamal and Siffin, the internal wars in Spain, Central Asia, the Middle East, etc. And that while, at one time, Muslim armies were knocking at the gates of Tours and had laid siege to Vienna! Had internal differences and infighting not been there, the history of Europe would have been totally different.

Both Saudi Arabia and Iran have been friends in need to us. The Shah of Iran stood by us when we were at war with India and Saudi Arabia helped us generously when the West had imposed sanctions on us due to our nuclear programme. It helped us keep our head above water. Col Gaddafi had also helped Bhutto generously.

The Western war is not limited to county or country; they even go after successful Muslim entrepreneurs – the horrible examples of Bhutto and Agha Hassan Abedi should be eye-openers.

Syria is no threat to the West, but the Americans, British and French are hell-bent on destroying it. But for the timely Russian intervention, they might have succeeded by now.

Despite the boundless favours bestowed on the Ummah by the Almighty, we have been most ungrateful and are fighting and killing each other. We have not learnt from history and the famous axiom: ‘History repeats itself’ is again coming true.

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Dr A Q Khan, "Important events," The News. 2016-01-18.
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