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Hypocrites galore

To say that Pakistan is at a flashpoint could be a massive understatement. The government is being threatened with a no-confidence motion by the opposition which has been in power itself many times before, and made a monumental hash of it. The chances of the no-confidence motion succeeding are dim, but we cannot rule anything out.

The public would do well to go back some years and analyse the opposition’s appalling record when in power. We must not forget that both the PML-N and the PPP created a culture of corruption, which has seeped into almost every institution. The economy can never reach its true potential if corruption continues to be an acceptable practice in society.

When Imran Khan talks about fighting corruption, he is not being a frivolous dreamer. He understands that Pakistan will not succeed if the culture of corruption, particularly at the top, isn’t defeated. The opposition leaders have been accused of stealing in the billions and stashing it abroad. How can the economy progress if we allow this to happen?

What is also noticeable is how political discourse has not evolved. Watching a young 33-year-old in Bilawal Bhutto spout hackneyed narratives of the past is extremely disheartening. One would expect a fresh innovative approach from a younger politician, but instead we are getting the same tired slogans.

Bilalwal has the gall to talk about the human condition worsening under other governments. Perhaps he should take a look at his own province. Rural Sindh has been plundered into destitution by the PPP. It is a sad commentary on the self-appointed handlers of Bilawal. Studies reveal that 70 percent percent of the rural population of Sindh is afflicted by abject poverty and 50 percent live below the poverty line. The PML-N continues to make boorish accusations to cover up their crimes. They talk of democracy and rule of law, when they have never had respect for either.

The failed opportunists, who call themselves the Pakistan Democratic Movement, are only out for themselves. It is as clear as day that the opposition is only out to dislodge the prime minister. The well-being of Pakistan is not on their agenda. They have proven time and again that they neither have the competence nor the will to uplift Pakistan. What makes this even more frightening is that if the no-confidence motion succeeds, the opposition has no plan on how to govern the country. It will be the same old methodology of occupying office to loot and plunder again.

Whether you call yourself a democrat or not, please have the decency to be extremely worried. Those who are even anti Imran should know that the alternative that we are all familiar with will lead to only one road, on which we have all been on before. It stinks. We would have lost a great opportunity with a leader who was not given a full chance. Rather than looking in the rearview mirror, where we see nothing but destruction, perhaps it would be wise to look forward, and realise that the political parties of the past are not the answer.

When it comes to the economy, surely one can realise that global events have had a knock-on effect and inflation will not ease with Imran’s departure. When I hear the opposition’s people attack the prime minister, I wonder what they will say when things get worse if they are in government.

If Imran Khan survives, he and his team should analyse how they got into this situation, and correct their mistakes. If there is resistance towards his Punjab chief minister, he should take notice and seek to rectify the issue. There are many in his own party that are under serious suspicion. It is important for the prime minister to weed out those who are causing disharmony in the ranks.

One thing is for certain: Imran Khan thrives under pressure as it brings the best out in him. The opposition should be weary of an angry Imran on the loose. We have reached the ‘death’ overs, and Imran, be it in cricket or politics, has the knack to rise to the occasion when we least expect it.

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Humayun Gauhar, "Hypocrites galore," The News. 2022-03-12.
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