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Arab spring – Muslim autumn

The word ‘spring’ immediately brings to mind new growth, green trees, flowering plants, lush green lawns and pleasant breeze. Even the birds break out in song. Psychologically, you are on a high. Contrast this to the word ‘autumn’, which carries with it the expectations of gloomy weather, bare trees and no flowers – in short, a rather depressing atmosphere. Compared to spring, autumn usually lasts much longer, especially in countries with colder climates.

These two seasonal changes reflect the political climate in the Arab countries. The west immediately dubbed the fresh breeze blowing there as the ‘Arab spring’ and many people were under the illusion that the Arab world was changing for the better. But this was not to be. Let us take a closer look.

The problem with the Arab (Muslim) spring is that, like the season of spring, it was very short. When it comes after a long, dictatorial autumn, it raises many hopes that are soon dashed. This is exactly what has happened in Egypt. The Egyptians have been unlucky all along. They always seem to get tyrannical, incompetent, military dictators as rulers. After more than half a century they got a God-fearing president through fair elections, but very soon intrigues started and, with the help and support of the west, he was replaced by (yet again) a military dictator.

In my column of July 9, 2012 I had warned the Egyptians of the danger posed by Dr ElBaradei, a US agent and former DG of the IAEA for 12 years. During that time he served the US well – Iraq and Libya were destroyed and many problems were created for Iran and Pakistan. The west had already tried to get him into power after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, but failed to do so at that time. Then they tried through the elections but again failed. Now they have more or less succeeded after deposing Morsi within one year of his election, putting ElBaradei in the forefront and pushing to get him nominated as vice president.

In my previous column I had deliberated on the intrigues carried out by the west in Muslim countries. If they fail to succeed by direct military action, they can always find willing traitors to topple popular leaders (Muslim nations are very fertile in producing traitors). A lot of leaders were deposed by paid US agents as they were trying to safeguard national interests and did not agree to playing stooge to the west. People like Dr Muhammad Musaddiq and Dr Fatemi in Iran, of Ahmed Ben Bela in Algeria, of Sir Abubakar Tafawa Bulewa in Nigeria, of Dr Ahmed Sukarno in Indonesia and of our own Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif fell prey to such intrigues.

In 5:51 the Quran tells us that Jews and Christians can never be true friends or supporters of Muslims; nonetheless, Muslim rulers have always depended on them and sought their support. History has shown that a similar game to the one in Egypt was played in Algeria years ago and that the people there are still longing for freedom and for the right to choose their own ruler.

Another dirty game was played in Palestine where the US, the UK, France, Italy, etc have forced the Palestinians to live as a brutalised colony for the last 60 years and have made the dream of an independent Palestinian state a mere mirage. Slowly but surely West Bank has been annexed right under the noses of some powerful nations thanks to western support to Israel. We have seen how the west managed to obtain independence for East Timor and South Sudan. The Palestinians, mere Muslims, are another creed to them.

The game being played in Egypt is neither surprising nor unexpected. An army that loses wars against the enemy (like ours) always conquers their own country. Just look at the chests of those who have lost wars – ribbon upon ribbon; medal upon medal. The Egyptians never managed to produce winning generals. The only commanders who ever won wars for them were Salauddin Ayubi, a Kurd, Malik az-Zahir Baybars, a Turkish slave and Muhammad Ali, an Albanian.

What heinous crimes had Z A Bhutto committed that he needed to be brutally murdered? Only that he tried to protect the sovereignty and dignity of Pakistan. What was Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s crime? Only that he responded to Indian hegemonic and aggressive designs to bully Pakistan by testing nuclear weapons near our eastern borders. He was handcuffed, dumped into jail and was lucky to escape the death penalty thanks to an upright judge and the intervention of the Saudi king.

The point here to note is the fact that the west never tolerates a stable and economically independent Islamic country. The moment the rulers of a country try to follow an independent foreign policy, they are eliminated through ever-ready military traitors. Just look at Turkey. For almost 50 years it played stooge to the US under Nato and other military pacts. When one of its prime ministers, Adnan Menderes, tried to follow an independent policy he was toppled and hanged by the treacherous CIA-agent generals.

Recently the west has been inciting violent unrest, just like in Egypt, against the popular and patriotic regime in Turkey. Turkey risked its existence by joining the west during the Cold War for almost 45 years. However, now the Cold War enemies of yore are dear friends of the Europeans in the ‘common market’ and Turkey has become the pariah. It is not allowed to join the common market. Were not the Bosnian Muslims brutally massacred under the very noses of the Europeans? If Nawaz Sharif, KRL, POF and Malaysia had not helped, there would not even have been the truncated Bosnia that we have now!

I believe that, whomsoever Allah Almighty has blessed with eyes, heart and brain, they are fully conscious of the “myth of independence” about which Bhutto wrote decades ago. However, there are many intellectuals who are willing to call the night, day and vice versa if their masters ask them to do so. Why is this?

The answer can be found in 7:179: “They have hearts wherewith they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like beasts – nay more misguided – for they are heedless (of warning)”.

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Dr. A. Q. Khan, "Arab spring – Muslim autumn," The News. 2013-07-15.
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