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Can any student/colleague use my university card?

No! Please avoid to do this.

Can I get research reports/reference material issued in my name?

Reference material and research reports are not for loan.

Can I save my data on the hard drive of a library Computer?

Your data on any library computer is unsafe; you must email your essential data before leaving the system.

How can I access Riphah Information Portal?

You can access the portal at http://iportal.riphah.edu.pk from anywhere.

How can I borrow the book which is already issued to someone else?
Log in your library account to reserve the concerned book or may also contact at circulation desk.


How can I check my fines?

You will be intimated at the time of book return. For further detail log in and check your history at http://catalog.riphah.edu.pk.

How can I get information about books exhibitions at Information Services Department libraries?

Please visit our iPortal to see upcoming events.

How can I pay Library fines?

Fine against your CMS number will be added and you will have to pay at fee and due department.

How can I renew my borrowed books?

Contact circulation desk with the book, you want to renew.

How can I request for purchasing required reading material?

Log in your library account and suggest online or contact at circulation desk.

How can I see what I have borrowed or requested?

Please login your library account to check your circulation history.

How I can become the member of Riphah Research Repository?

Every bona fide researcher can join the Riphah Research Repository after creating his account at http://research.riphah.edu.pk/

How many articles are included in Research Repository database?

It is growing database, there are more than 11500 articles in this database.

How many books & articles are available at Riphah Information Portal?

Millions of articles and thousands of books are available at Riphah Information Portal.

How many books are available at ebrary?

Collection at ebrary is growing day by day. Currently, it hosts 690,805 documents. ebrary provides a set of online database collections that combine scholarly books from over 435 academic, trade, and professional publishers. It also includes sheet music (9,000 titles) and government documents.

How many databases are available at Riphah Information Portal?

More than 14 databases and millions of articles are available at Riphah Information Portal.

How many dictionaries and encyclopedias are accessible through this Desk?

You can experience availability of more than 1000 internationally known dictionaries and encyclopedias with a search friendly interface

How many Information Services Department libraries are covered by this OPAC?

OPAC covers all available resources of libraries and learning resource centers of the university.

How many journals are accessible at Riphah Information Portal?

More than 20,000 journals are accessible at Riphah Information Portal.

How many press clippings are available at Riphah in media?

Thousands of press clippings related to Riphah are available in this database.

How many subjects are being covered in Newspaper database?

All subjects like current affairs , socio-economic conditions and politics have been covered in this database.

How much fine I would pay for the book I returned late?

According to circulation policy fine is being charged @ Rs. 10 per day.

How would I know that my requested/reserved book has arrived in the library?

You would auto receive alert message on your given email address.

If I have a query so what I have to do?

You may submit your queries at http://iportal.riphah.edu.pk/query-desk/

Is ebrary open source?

ebrary is not an open source. It needs subscription.

Is printing facility available in the Information Services Department?

Information Services Department provides the facility to print limited No. of pages.

Is there any scanning facility available in the library?

Yes, scanner is available at all campus libraries.

Is there wireless network access in the libraries of Information Services Department?

All campus libraries of Riphah International University are equipped with Wi-Fi technology.

May I access eBrary from my home?

Your can access ebrary from your home and also can be accessed at all campuses of Riphah International University. Please click here to access ebrary from home .

May I access subscribed databases from my home?

Your can access all the online subscribed databases from your home and also can be accessed at all campuses of Riphah International University. Please click here to access online subscribed databases from home .

May I download books from ebrary?

Yes, you can download books in pdf format from ebrary.

May I generate my own book shelf at ebrary?

Yes, every reader who has username & password can generate its own bookshelf.

May I take photographs in Information Services Department Libraries?

Library is the public area. Please contact library authorities for such activities.

What are searching terms of this OPAC?

Any researcher or library user can access library resources by:





For more information click here

What are the library timings?

As per campus requirement there are different timings at our campus libraries. For detail please click here.

What is ebrary?

ebrary and its parent company ProQuest share a common goal to make important information more accessible to libraries and end-users throughout the world. See more at: http://site.ebrary.com/lib/hec2/home.action

What is Information TV?

Information TV is a web based TV channel. This service is being provided by Information Services Department. Please visit.

What is Newspaper database?

Information Services has designed Newspaper Database for hosting articles published in Dawn, the News and Business Recorder on daily basis.

What is Reference Desk?

Reference Desk is an online service that provides access to useful reference material.

What is Riphah in Media?

Riphah in Media is a database of press clippings about Riphah International University, published in national/international media.

What is Riphah Information Portal?

Riphah Information portal is an ultimate source for online books, journals etc. for more information please visit

What is Riphah Research Repository?

Riphah Research Repository contains a growing collection of research work produced by professors, researchers and collaborators at Riphah International University. For more information please visit http://research.riphah.edu.pk/

What is the brief history of this database?

This database was designed and developed by the team of Information Services Department in 2006.

What stands for OPAC?

OPAC stands for “Online Public Access Catalogue”.

What type of programs telecast through information TV?

Users can watch academic and informative self-learning programs from all over the the world, moreover users can watch available learning guides uploaded by ISD. Click here to see.


What types of press clippings are included in Riphah in Media?

All press clippings about Riphah , allied institutions and  accreditation bodies like HEC, PMDC, Pharmacy Council and Engineering Council are included in this data base.

What will I have to do if I lost borrowed books?

Replacement of the book is necessary. To read our circulation policy please click here.

Who can borrow a book?

All students, staff and faculty members of Riphah can borrow books.