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Ethical Issues In International Law Practice

Ethical issues in international law practice

The legal systems require application of moral values or good behaviour from individuals, community members and the groups active in society. The required behaviour should correspond to ethical standards of…

Spillover Issues In International Taxation

Spillover issues in international taxation

International taxation is a well defined subject. Where a business engages in a cross-border transaction, the transaction so made causes a situation to face international tax issue, dependent on many…

Emerging Issues In International Business

Emerging issues in international business

International business refers to business activities that involve the transfer of resources, goods, services, knowledge, skills, or information across national boundaries. The resources that make up this flow are raw…

Issues Of Obedience In International Law

Issues of obedience in international law

The analytical jurists like Austin had questioned the validity of the international law on the ground that the system lacked sovereign's command and as such its norms were not enforceable,…

International Security Issues

International security issues

International security issues increasingly involve non-traditional factors, parameters of which “symbolize security from the threat of disease, hunger, unemployment, crime, social conflict, political repression and environmental hazards” (Ginwala 2002), h

Neighbourhood issues

Deep in trouble at home on the political and economic front while suffering new hits on the security question, Pakistan has managed to remain engaged on some critical neighbourhood issues.…

Reconceptualization of labour issues

In the plethora of news stories and talk shows about the arrest of Imran Khan and related violence, there was hardly any mention of some real issues that the working…